Connexional Council 2011 News



May 27, 2011  

Rev'd. Wade appointed President-Designate 

The Connexional Council has named the Rev'd Otto O. Wade to be President-Designate of the Connexional Conference.  The expectation is that at the 37th Connexional Conference, to be held in 2012, he will be appointed Connexional President.  Rev'd. Wade is currently the Connexional Secretary and has served as Chairman of the Belize/Honduras District and as Secretary of the Commission of Ministry.   Rev'd. Dr. George Mulrain will demit office next year having served the maximum term of 9 years as President of the Connexional Conference.

In related news the Council has nominated Rev'd. Patmore Henry and Sis. Muriel Smith (Leeward Islands District) to the Connexional Conference to be the Connexional Secretary and Vice President respectively.  Bro. Theodore Fahie was nominated to continue as Treasurer of the Conference Funds.


May 27, 2011

New Publishing Officer to be Appointed 

The recently held Connexional Council noted that Rev'd. Paul Douglas Walfall, the Connexional Publishing Officer, has asked not to be reappointed when his current tenure ends on August 31, 2011.  Consequently, a new Publishing Officer is to be appointed.

Rev'd. Douglas Walfall assumed the newly created office in 2006 in a part time appointment.  This was translated into a fulltime appiontment in 2008.  The Connexional Publishing Officer is responsible for all the offical publications of the Conference of the MCCA (including the new hymn book, Church School materials, and the revision of the Prayer Book) and is also the content manager for the Connexional website. During his appiontment as Publishing Officer, Rev'd. Douglas Walfall was a member of the South Caribbean District Conference and resided in Barbados.

Rev'd. Douglas Walfall was the first person to be appointed Connexional Publishing Officer.



May 26, 2011

Disaster Preparedness Seminars to be held in 2011/2012 Church Year

Three seminars will be held next year to help development a disaster awareness throughout the MCCA.  These seminars will be a joint project of the MCCA and the United Methodist Committee on relief (UMCOR).  Speaking at the Connexional Council meeting in Roatan, Bishop Juan Mendez (from UMCOR) informed the Council of the reasons why these seminars are  to be held.  The seminars will be held as follows:

  • Feb 10 - 12 In Barbados for the Guyana, Leeward Islands and South Caribbean Districts
  • March 9 - 11 In Jamaica for the Bahamas/Turks and Caicos Islands and Jamaica Districts
  • April 13 - 15 In Panama for the Panama/Costa Rica and Belize/Honduras Districts

More details will be available soon.



May 26, 2011

MCCA Mission Seminar

The Connexional Council received information about the Connexional Mission Seminar to be held from November 8 - 15, 2011, at the Breezes Resort and Spa  in Trelawney, Jamaica..  This seminar will be last of the 250th Anniversary celebration events planned by the Connexion.  It is hoped that every Circuit in the Connexion will send two (2) persons to the seminar.  At the Council meeting the hope was expressed that Circuits will consider having a young person as one of the representatives at the seminar.  It is anticipated that the registration form for the seminar will be available soon.




May 26, 2011

Youth Coordinator Appointed

The Connexional Council has appointed Bro. Trumel Redmon, of the Guyana District, to be Youth Coordinator.  He will work along side the Secretary for Mission, Evangelism and Education and other young persons from the 8 Districts to prepare a proposal for the establishing of MCCA Youth/Young Adults to the 37th Connexional Conference, to be held in Bahamas in 2012.  Bro. Redmon is currently a member of the Connexional Council and is one of the youngest persons to have been a member of the Council. 





May 26, 2011

Connexional Church School Teachers Diploma

A proposed syllabus for the Connexional Church School Teachers Diploma has been accepted by the Connexional Council and will be sent to the District Conference for comment before its anticipated implementation in September 2012.  In 2006 the Connexional Church School Curriculum Committee made the initial presentation of this syllabus to the Council meeting in Haiti.  Since then the Committee had sought to refine and shape a syllabus that will enhance the ministry of the Church School Teacher.




May 26, 2011

New MCCA Hymn Book on track

The Connexional Council received word that indicated that if the proofing of the materials for the new hymn book goes according to plan it MAY be possible for the hymn book  to go to the press by the end of the year.  In reporting to the Council the Project Manager acknowledged the disappointment that the book is not yet available but assured the Council that work continued to ensure that a top quality product will be published.