Frequently asked Questions


Q:        Is the Diaconate open only to women?

A:         No.  Men and women may offer for to become deacons.



Q:        Is the diaconate a stepping stone to become a presbyter?

A:         No.  To become a presbyter one does not have to first be a deacon.  However, an ordained deacon may offer to become a presbyter.


Q:        Is the ministry of the deacon inferior to or a second class ministry to that of the presbyter.

A:         No.  The deacon exercises a ministry in his/her own right.  While the deacon will not be called upon to be a District President or Superintendent, the deacon is of equal status with his/her presbyteral brothers and sisters.

            A Deacon may, however, be appointed to serve as the Secretary of the District Conference or as Connexional Secretary.


Q:        Does a deacon have to preach and pastor a congregation.

A:         A deacon is called to share in the ministry of the Church.  At times it may fall on the deacon to preach.  Yet the deacon is also called upon to exercise his/her unique gifts with the church.


Usually a deacon would not be required to pastor a congregation but in cases  where there is a shortage of ministerial staff, the deacon may be called upon to  pastor congregation(s).