Words of Wisdom

Week 29





Read Matthew 16: 5 - 12



Listen to the disciples of Jesus, talking among themselves about bread, in His presence. The conversation is about how they forgot to buy bread for their journey. Jesus has spoken to them about yeast and immediately their minds go to their failure to remember the bread. When Jesus realizes what they are talking about, He asks why they are talking among themselves about having no bread. Their Master has just told them to be on their guards against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees and all they hear is the word, yeast. Their deduction is that Jesus is speaking about their error in not bringing bread with them.
Jesus rebukes them for their little faith and obvious lack of understanding at what He is telling them. He speaks words of deep concern.
" Do you still not understand ....?" ( verse 9(b) )
The truth is that Jesus expects them to understand Him more fully.


It is interesting to note the facts that the disciples are noting, as they journey on across the lake.

The first fact is that they have no bread to eat.

The other fact is that they are the ones who are responsible for them not having bread.
Jesus is not at all pleased with their response to His given word. How can they misunderstand and misinterpret Him so markedly? Their facts are not His facts. He expects them to understand who He is. He tells them in no uncertain terms that their faith in Him is too little. Here are the facts. This is how Jesus speaks.

" Do you still not understand?, Don't you remember the five loaves for the five thousand, and how many basketfuls you gathered? Or the seven loaves for the four thousand, and how many basketfuls you gathered?" ( verses 9& 10)

Jesus is genuinely puzzled about their lack of remembering. It is this remembering that makes their faith in Jesus great, instead of little.
What is Jesus really saying to His disciples, and to us,  His present disciples? What is our freedom today in the midst of our present concerns?



Jesus still speaks to us using the terminology He desires. Too often, our conversation among ourselves shows little faith, for instead of hearing our Master as we travel the pathways of life with Him, we hear our own failures and human weaknesses.

Remember! the disciples hear the term 'yeast' coming from their Masters lips and think only of their human error in forgetting to purchase bread. But this upsets Jesus, for, does He honestly want them to worry about that which is NOT a problem in His presence? Why are they talking about having no bread when the Provider of Bread is with them? In your human weakness, you forget, but in you human strength, can you not remember?

Often, it is our failure to remember The One who is with us, that causes the harsh rebukes we receive from Jesus. His rebuke is not on their  human failing, but their lack of remembering. Like those disciples, we too have witnessed our Lord's Miracle works and have shared in them. But are we free to confess our human failings and at the same time remember our Master's greatness? Though we may err, can we still tune our ears to the Lord and understand what He is telling us? Never forget, but always REMEMBER who your Jesus is and that He is in the same vessel with you.

He does not want us worrying about that which He is NOT worried about.