Words of Wisdom

Week 31



Read -    John 6: 16-21


Listen to this incident between Master and disciples. It is now evening and the disciples go down to the lake where they get a boat to cross over to Capernaum. This is no new or strange place. In fact, it is the place where their Master has performed a great number of miracles.Crossing over by lake is nothing new. Also, going ahead of Jesus is no big deal either. It is getting late and they go ahead of their Leader, knowing that He will  join them. as the night progresses, a strong wind begins to blow and the waters get rough. This too, is not too unusual, nor is it alarming, for they keep rowing on. But suddenly, something happens and they are terrified. Who or what is making them so afraid?


Here are statements about these disciples of Jesus that must not be overlooked.

  • They are in a dark night , but this does not cause their dread.
  • They are in rough waters, but this does not bring their fear.
  • They are facing biting gusty winds, but these do not have them so afraid.

This terror comes because they see a human  form coming towards them, walking. This sight so terrifies them, that the darkness of night, the roughness of the water and the gusty winds, all pale into nothingness. Their rowing stops, their minds are frozen and their hearts melt. In a routine journey across the lake to Capernaum, the most unnerving, unnatural sight is experienced. But in the midst of their terror, they are able to hear the most calming, reassuring voice speaking these words.
     "...It is I, don't be afraid."  ( verse 20 (b) )

Jesus is the cause of panic and horrific fear in His disciples and He brings terrific relief and peace back into their hearts.


Jesus is free to let His followers see Him in a way they have never seen Him before. They know their Master as a healer of all kinds of diseases. They know Him as a forgiver of sins. They know Him as Teacher and Preacher, to the Gentiles also, the One who includes all. But never have they imagined Him as One who walks on water. WOW! What a terrific time this is turning out to be.

After hearing the voice of their Master and His reassuring words, they are willing to take Him into the boat with them. Another surprise experience awaits them on this night journey. As Jesus steps from the water into the boat, it reaches shore.
"..and immediately the boat reached the shore where they were heading." ( verse 21 (b))

When we face dark nights in our lives, when the winds blow mercilessly against us and the paths we tread are stormy, we are sometimes knocked off our feet by some never anticipated, or dreamed of happening. We experience dread and think only of the evil one, but we are calmed and reassured by the familiar voice of our Risen Lord in Resurrection Body.  In our human bodies, we must know the freedom to experience Jesus in ways that are not human. May we be moved from a Terrifying walk to a Terrific walk, with our Risen Saviour.