Connecting the Connexion through Prayer


Week 47 of the 2010/2011 Church Year

Pray for the West Demerara Circuit in the Guyana District.

During this week let us remember our brothers and sisters in the West Demerara Circuit in the Guyana District.  In our prayers let us remember:

  • Rev'd.  Glenna Spencer (Superintendent and District President), Rev'd. Vince Chichester and their respective families.
  • The Circuit Stewards and other officers of the Circuits and Congregations. 
  • The Preachers, teachers and other workers in the Circuit.
  • The outreach ministries of the Circuit
  • The ongoing programmes of evangelism.
  • The Connexional Mission Seminar to be held in November 2011.


Let us also pray for:

  • The various July/August activities which are occuring in churches and communities;
  • Students who are awaiting the results of their external exminations (e.g. GCSE or CXC exminations)
  • Our nations as we prepare for the possibility of hurricanes;
  • Persons who are sick
  • Persons in need of the knowledge of God's grace



Spirit of faith, come down,

Reveal the things of God;

And make to us the Godhead known,

And witness with the blood.

'Tis Thine the blood to apply,

And give us eyes to see

Who did for every sinner die

Hath surely died for me.

Charles Wesley, 1707 - 88